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Elite Keeper Akademie (EKA)
Akademie Keepers are the highest trained Goalkeepers on the fields  It is not easy to become a Akademie Keeper.  Those who try will be better for it.  EKA-trained keepers are at the height of the game physically, technically, tactically and focused to perform under immense amounts of pressure, calmly and consiistently.  This is obviously the goal of any goalkeeping school, so how are EKA Keepers different?  

Proprioception Development and Management
Visual Performance
Informaiton Processing Performance
Performance Under Pressure
Command of Tactics

Akademie Keepers are asked to hold a very high standard, and are trained to do so.  Next level coaches, whether high school, club or college have grown to expect and respect what an EKA has been trained to do.  Success or failure, in attempting lies the Glory.  

Are you ready for the challenge?

KinderKickerz is an Akademie 14 program designed for our starting superstars, our 2-5 year olds.  The key ingredient here is FUN and helping them to fall in love with the ball and the game.  Along the way, we maximize what their bodies and minds are ready to embrace-proprioception, coordination, balance, ball manipulation and socialization through sport.

KinderKickerz takes kids on 30 or 45 minute journeys with the ball as they play out stories as they learn to manipulate the ball as their companion.  Stories, fun and activity are the hallmarks of KinderKickerz and we deliver those programs in two formats:

Homeroom (where the youngsters come to us)
Outreach (where we come to you)

Come have some FUN with us, falling in love with the beautiful game!

College Pathways
Our College Pathways program is carefully designed for those athletes interested in pushing their game to the next level and all the work necessary to be prepared as an athlete and a student. The College Pathways program is delivered primarily through seminars and workshops throughout the year.  We recommend kids middle school aged and above attend the seminars and kids in high school and above use the workshops because of the ever quickening timeline of college recruiting these days.

Best Practices
Common Mistakes

We deliver these presentations to clubs, schools and individually both in-person and online.  If you have a group that could benefit from being prepared for this process, contact us



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