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Akademie 14 Camps

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


1) Prep Akademie Selection Camps
Prep Akademie Selection Camps are run both in Monterey California, and across the US, S America and Europe currently.  While players will develop and get inspiration during the camp, the primary purpose is to identify possible candidates for the US based Prep Akademie, or for direct connection to possible professional trials in Europe (primarily Italy, Spain, France and Germany).

To enquire about an upcoming camp, or to discuss setting up a Selection Camp in your area, please contact our N America Director HERE

The Prep Akademie is an international residency program conducted in beautiful Monterey California. The primary student is the gap year student just out of high school.  Students will live in Monterey and train daily with the goals of qualifying for either European tryouts or to develop and showcase themselves to American universities. We will compete against local college teams, elite youth teams, professional academy and semi-professional teams. Players will be developed in the MiSA Method of Total Football by Director Brett Rosenberger who is a UEFA A candidate, MISA Professional holder as well as holding a Masters Degree in Player Development from the Johan Cruyff Institute in Barcelona. 

Athletes will have the option to also take local community college credits if desired while maintaining all years of eligibility for transfer if that is the goal.  For those looking to go to Europe on a professional career, we also recommend beginning the academic process so that you can have a foundation for life after playing.  An elite athlete with an academic background is a valuable creature to many clubs and companies. Sub-college players, if selected, will attend the local scholl district.  Both schools are walking distance from housing.

This program is not for everyone.  It is really meant to train on a parallel to kids currently in professional academies or on B teams in Europe already.  There is quite a bit of work in and out of training, but for the right player, properly motivated, The Prep Akademie is a fantastic platform to open up many different possibilties.

2) Elite Keeper Akademie (EKA)

Akademie Keepers are the highest trained Goalkeepers on the fields  It is not easy to become a Akademie Keeper.  Those who try will be better for it.  EKA-trained keepers are at the height of the game physically, technically, tactically and focused to perform under immense amounts of pressure, calmly and consiistently.  This is obviously the goal of any goalkeeping school, so how are EKA Keepers different?  

Proprioception Development and Management
Visual Performance
Informaiton Processing Performance
Performance Under Pressure
Command of Tactics

Akademie Keepers are asked to hold a very high standard, and are trained to do so.  Next level coaches, whether high school, club or college have grown to expect and respect what an EKA has been trained to do.  Success or failure, in attempting lies the Glory.  

Are you ready for the challenge?