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Virtual Apprenticeship

Virtual Apprenticeship

is a program geared towards the individual coach. This program is a combination of MiSA licensing and ongoing feedback, similar to that of a personal mentor coach.  We will tailor the material to your specific experience and will get into much more detail than generalized federation licenses. We see this as a distance learning apprenticeship in Total Football.

When we look at education, any education, a key part is ongoing feedback.  Just like your athletes that you coach, you learn best by engaging and navigating mistakes and this is one critical element absent in many federation licenses.  You need to make mistakes, review them and try again.  Over time, each of the concepts gets refined and personalized, leaving you with an authentic command of the material, concepts and interactions with your players. 

More than a license, we incorporate the aspects of a real apprenticeship where you supplement the academics with a healthy dose of targeted experiences and feedback.  Because the experiences are yours, the education becomes much more personal and much longer lasting. This is how many young coaches learn in the professional ranks and even here in the US, this is the primary source of learning for many basketball and football coaches.  Without having formal licenses, they seem to effectively carry knowledge of how to develop players over from one generation of coaches to another. 

Akademie 14's Virtual Apprenticeship looks to apply a greater understanding of learning to your education as a coach.