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Nov, 2016

MiSA Director is the 1st American to Hold a Master's in Coaching from Cruyff Institute

Brett Rosenberger, one of the Director's and visionary for MiSA, is now the 1st American to hold a Master's in Coaching and Player Development from the world-renowned Cruyff Institute of Amsterdam, Holland.  This is an amazing accomplishment for both Brett and MiSA as our foundation is built upon a lot of core concepts pioneered by Johan Cruyff himself. 

The philosophies of the two organizations are so intertwined that it made perfect sense to pursue this particular degree from this particular organization. It wasn't easy though.  The Cruyff Institute only accepts between 6-18 coaches from around the globe each year and the selection process is very thorough.  Brett said "I knew this was going to be an excellent program right from the beginning.  The questions and interviews were like none I'd ever experienced and were both thorough and deep-diving.  I knew what was to follow would be something special."

The course involved much work in-between 3 week-long trips over to Amsterdam where intense classes would run all day long at various venues in the Netherlands.  Class didn't stop there though as the students would regularly meet up in the evening to discuss topics of the day and coaching techniques/philosophies deep in the night.  "It was a tremendous enviornment" according to Brett, "that brought amazing instructors into the classroom who did not shy away from challenging us on our thoughts, beliefs, practices and approaches.  If you couldn't stand your ground, it was going to be a rough day.  Even when you could stand your ground, it was still going to be rough at times".  The greatest thing was that either way, students found their minds racing well after class still reflecting on the material, the challenges and the implementations of the concepts and brought out a heightened level of reflection, which is to a degree, one of the major points of the course.

Students were taught and walked through their own motivations and experiences, as well as learning to monitor and manage dynamics between players, staff and coaches.  In addition, there were several classes on peak performance for both individuals and individuals within the team construct: how to achieve it, how to manipulate it, regulate it and adjust when plans or schedules go awry.  

The coaches in attendance were all professional coaches, many from 1st team or youth academy backgrounds and we covered a variety of topics that a professional coach would need to have command over to do his job at the highest level of the game, something that has become synonymous with Johan Cruyff and his foundation.  Johan Cruyff is one of the architects of Total Football originally crafted under the youth academy juggernaut, Ajax of Amsterdam where Cruyff started his career.  He developed and honed his version of Total Football and it is represented as the method currently in use at Barcelona FC, where he played, coached and lead.  Many great coaches in the game today, owe a great tip of the hat to Johan in how the see and instruct the game.  Pep Guardiola was recently quoted as saying " He was unique, totally unique...without him I wouldn't be here.  I know for sure this is why I am, right now, the manager of Manchester City, and before that Bayern Munich and Barcelona."